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We've been an in-demand flooring contractor in Florida since 2016. With the expertise to handle everything from the smallest repairs to large-scale projects, we are equipped for jobs of any size. We consistently work hard to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our services. Feel free to call or request a quote below to schedule our services today.


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Carlos Uzcategui

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Which is better — laminate or vinyl flooring?

Both options provide attractive, affordable and durable flooring for your home. While vinyl includes a synthetic plastic polymer with more moisture resistance, laminate contains some natural wood in a fiberboard core for less environmental impact

Is laminate more durable than hardwood?

In general, laminate provides more resistance to wear and tear in areas of a home with high traffic. UV protection also makes laminate a better choice in rooms with lots of windows or sunny areas.

Is Vinyl flooring good for homes with pets?

Durability and the ability to withstand scratches make vinyl an excellent option for homes with active pets. The material offers stain resistance in case of accidents or muddy paws.

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